Briefed, argued, and won a housing discrimination case of first impression before the Supreme Judicial Court; favorable settlement ultimately obtained for client on remand. (See DiLiddo v. Oxford Street Realty, Inc., 450 Mass. 66)

Briefed and argued a case involving issue of whether property acquired as a result of an abuse of confidence between close family members gives rise to a constructive trust for the benefit of the wronged party; the brief exhaustively examined treatment of the issue by courts in all 50 states. (See LaRose v. Mackey, Mass. App. Unpub. LEXIS 761)

Obtained favorable ruling in suit seeking to confirm arbitration award under the Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor law, G.L. c. 142A. (See Heinrichs v. Ricciardi, 25 Mass. L. Rep. 44)

Obtained a jury verdict in favor of a defendant who was being wrongfully sued for $2,000,000 by a former business partner claiming the defendant had breached his fiduciary duty during the course of a multi-year real estate partnership

Obtained a $1,000,000 jury verdict in an undue influence case for a dying woman who was financially victimized by the son of her long-time boyfriend, who embezzled her monies through numerous financial transactions

Obtained a defense judgment, after a lengthy bench trial, for the trustee of a multi-million-dollar trust, where a beneficiary made claims of improper accountings and breach of fiduciary duty against a trustee

Obtained a $450,000 jury verdict, including 93A damages, in a breach of contract case where an attorney had overcharged his client for legal services

Obtained a $450,000 judgment, including 93A triple damages, on behalf of a plaintiff who had been defrauded by a home improvement contractor.  Then successfully obtained a waiver of the contractor’s discharge in the federal Bankruptcy Court, and liquidated the assets of the contractor to pay the judgment.

Obtained a $325,000 judgment on behalf of a condominium trust that had been defrauded by a unit owner who had illegally connected his commercial unit to the gas heating line in order to obtain free heat in his unit for approximately ten years

Obtained a $15,000 settlement from a landlord for refusing to return a $2,000 security deposit and illegally charging the tenant for water and sewer use

Obtained a $14,000 judgment against a landlord of a luxury condominium unit for refusing to return a $3,000 security deposit

Persuaded a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee to abandon her preferential transfer claim to a $44,000 payment to a client by establishing a complete ordinary course of business defense under 11 U.S.C. § 547(c)(2). (See In re Amherst Technologies, LLC, Bankr. N.H., No. 07-01106)

Successfully briefed and argued a tenant’s defense of an appeal by a landlord from an award of treble damages and attorney’s fees for violating the security deposit law, G.L. c. 186, § 15B; client was awarded appellate attorney’s fees and costs. (See Galinsky v. Segal, Mass. App. Div. 76)

Successfully opposed a Chapter 7 Trustee’s motion to dismiss for presumption of abuse under 11 U.S.C. § 707(b)(2). (See In re Munger, 370 B.R. 21)

Successfully tried a check forgery case governed by Article 4 of the UCC on behalf of a bank customer; argued and won client’s appeal, reversing the trial court’s unfavorable summary judgment decision on customer’s G.L. c. 93A consumer protection claim. (See Mullen v. RBS Citizens, N.A., Mass. App. Div. 145)

Successfully moved for summary judgment as to liability on a real estate developer’s claim for breach of contract and negligence against a surveying/engineering firm; subsequent trial resulted in judgment of more than $60,000. (See TopNotch Homes, LLC v. Meisner Brem Corp., Lowell District Court, No. 0611-CV-3091)