Residential and Commercial Conveyancing

Having a lawyer review your real estate transaction is a sound business practice, and gives you confidence that you will be protected from potential future litigation. It helps ensure that you are getting a good deal resulting from skilled negotiation. At Frisoli Associates, P.C., we pay attention to all the details—all of the “fine print”—in your real estate contract to make sure that you are protected and we work hard to help you maximize your investment.

Types of Transactions

We frequently negotiate both residential and commercial real estate purchases and sales. Using our skills in negotiation, we help our clients obtain the best deals when negotiating financing of real estate purchases and commercial leases. We have vast experience handling the following types of real estate conveyances and other real estate related matters:

  • Purchases – Residential and Commercial
  • Sales – Residential and Commercial
  • Refinances – Residential and Commercial
  • Property Transfers (e.g. into Trust, entity, a different family member, etc.)
  • Real Estate Contracts Review (e.g. P&S, etc.)
  • Commercial Leasing Management

Many real estate transactions are completed with the help of a loan secured through an external mortgage lender, such as a bank.  On the other hand, individuals or entities also prefer to use their personal funds (e.g. checking/savings, cash from the sale of another property, etc.) to complete the acquisition of a property.

At Frisoli Associates, P.C., we take care of all the behind-the-scenes work with the financial insutution, other parties involved, and any other third-parties to ensure the completion of this conveyace in a timely manner.

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At Frisoli Associates, P.C., we have over 30 years of experience in real estate and commercial leasing law. We are experienced counselors who can take action to protect your interests and to help you achieve your real estate goals. Call us today at 617-494-0200 to discuss any real estate questions you may have.